Set Up a Merchant Account for your Credit Repair Business

Set Up a Merchant Account for your Credit Repair Business

Set Up a Merchant Account for your Credit Repair Business

You’re looking to start an enterprise. You’d like to join the businesses of entrepreneurs who decide their path through their lives. You’d like to be the person at the helm.

It’s a fantastic perspective. Now comes the practical.

What type of company do you want to create from scratch? What type of business best suits your character? Perhaps you’re the kind of person who would like to offer services and assist people to make amends for the mistakes of the past.

There are many options to consider in this business aspect. You could possibly create a wellness spa or perhaps a small auto repair shop working in your community.

If you have a background in finance it is possible that these aren’t suitable for you. What do you think of a credit repair business which helps other businesses, as well as individuals, get on the right track?

There are many people out there who made poor financial decisions in the past and now need assistance.

You can help others and make use of your skills to help others.

What is a Credit Repair Business?

Businesses that repair credit help those who’ve had issues with their credit scores, cannot make payments or have missed due payments on their credit report. If you’ve faced these problems and you’ve decided you’d like to assist people like you to get their credit back.

Many businesses and people across the nation have fallen victim to the danger of having bad credit. There are numerous ways to fall into this trap and just a handful of reliable ways to escape.

Businesses that repair credit operate similarly to a lawyer. It is available to you, however, businesses that specialize in credit repair know specifics about the target.

Knowing what to look out for and how to contest a credit report, they will be able to more effectively fight to get rid of the tarnishing data off your credit reports.

This information will be removed from your credit report over the course of 7 to 10 years, however, the credit repair business could do it earlier.

Two billing strategies are commonly utilized that is the bill per item taken away and the monthly subscription. In most cases, the method of earning is determined by the performance of the company and the amount being demanded of the business.

Things to Consider

If you’re looking to start a credit repair business You should be aware of the fact that repair of credit is thought to be a risky venture.

This is due to the fact that credit repair businesses often conduct business in the near future which means they offer dates in the future for services to be performed. They do this knowing that it takes time and effort to have the errors deleted from credit reports.

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After you’ve determined this is the way to go now you must take other business decisions. Do you want to have a brick-and-mortar place? Do you intend to be a local company or be operating on a bigger scale? Are you considering accepting credit cards?

We’re all aware that this one is a nonsense question. We live in a digital age. More than 70 percent of American customers have at minimum one credit card and are likely to use it.

Why do you think you should eliminate 70percent of your possible customers?

So, you’ll have to be able to take card payments via an internet-based gateway, or through on-site payments through POS equipment.

In this scenario, you’ll require an account for merchants.

Merchant accounts permit owners of businesses to use credit cards to pay. It is important to provide your clients flexibility when it comes to payment choices.

However … as your credit repair business falls into the high-risk category, you could not be able to get an account with a merchant for this purpose.

There are a lot of alternatives to consider when searching for an organization that processes credit cards that is able to work with high-risk merchants.

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What exactly does high RISK MEAN?

In simple phrases, a risky merchant account is an account that checks several boxes which could increase the risk that processing companies take.

Like you, the credit card processing business has been in operation to earn money.

With a high-risk account, they’ve weighed the past and have adjusted their prices and rates to accommodate the possibility of chargebacks and disputes, and even frozen accounts.

Typically, when a business account is placed under the risk category of high risk the business has a bigger reserve of cash to ensure that the funds can cover any one of these scenarios.


A chargeback happens when a consumer writes to the card issuer to request their money returned. The money is usually paid back, but you still have the check.

This could be due to many reasons, but satisfaction with the customer is the primary motive.

It’s not clear why this happens to a company that’s goal is to fix the credit score of a company or individual however, remember that they’re getting payments for services to be provided in the future.

When a credit repair business takes on an item that is on the credit report it will not disappear immediately.

Each report can be a long time to get rid of. It is dependent on the capacity of each business to retract an item in the report. That means that an organization that deals with credit repair might be working with many distinct entities, each working on its own timetable.

Certain customers don’t want to be waiting that long, and they want their money to be refunded.

It’s a component of the company.

Being aware of the fact that you’ll need to deal with unhappy clients will allow you to keep an even head. Working with a seasoned business will also help.


Another method for customers to show their displeasure is to dispute the amount charged.

It is typically the first part of the chargeback, but it is a distinct entity because it will reflect on your company and you in the form of a client dissatisfied with your service instead of seeking the money back.

The benefit is that you are able to fight any dispute. If you have evidence that the dispute is not being weighed against your company, you are entitled to challenge.

It is, however, wise to enter the battle knowing that you’re in the right place.

A lot of disputes and too many chargebacks can result in sanctions and even frozen accounts.

Frozen Accounts

Typically, with high-risk accounts, the credit card processor will typically have several accounts for each business. This lets the company remain operational even if an issue is brought to the account.

If your account has been frozen, the account cannot be used for transactions.

It is possible to fix the issue if the processing company and credit card companies sort out to resolve the issue.

High-risk Safeguards

To prevent delays in processing, companies classify their merchant accounts to avoid any hiccups.

Merchant accounts with high risk make up an enormous portion of the overall market.

The word “high risk” is a way of describing something completely different. But, it could be further from the truth. Airlines, pharmaceuticals, as well as hotels are only a few of the high-risk merchant markets.

Although there is a greater chance of disputes and chargebacks The profit margin allows the industry to move forward.

Being considered high risk does not prevent any of these industries from operating but it does mean that they must have some financial protections in place to guard themselves against inevitable conflicts.

The company that processes credit cards will set up a greater reserve of cash to match the business needs. This is a way to provide financial protection to protect against chargebacks.

There are more expensive rates However, keep in mind that each contract is negotiable.

Each processing company is unique. They are renowned for their different qualities and capabilities when it comes to working with certain industries. Each processing company has different approaches to the company you’re offering them.

It’s an excellent point to be aware of. As a company, you are the product. You provide them with the potential to turn profits.

Although it is a risky company, credit repair businesses are able to bring in funds to processing companies. Look around your company and determine who can make the most attractive deal.


Risk isn’t an unending problem. It’s just a problem to overcome in the financial sector.

This is the reason Binary Gateways comes in! We are experts in establishing merchant accounts for high-risk business owners.

Binary Gateways will work in conjunction with its banks’ network to ensure that you receive the correct type that merchant account. We’ll also connect it to our online payment gateway in the event that you’ll use your merchant account to pay for card-not-present (CNP purchases or any other type of online shopping).

If you’d like for your company to have a physical presence we can set you up with top-quality credit card terminals or even sophisticated point-of-sale systems.

The best part is that since Binary Gateways has the highest approval rate in the business the high-risk company is bound to be approved for an account with a merchant!

In the end, it’s your company. You must do what will put you in the best place to be successful. There are numerous ways to get ahead. Take the opportunity to let Binary Gateways join you on this journey.