Online Dating Merchant Account – Binary Gateway

Online Dating Merchant Account – Binary Gateway

Online Dating Merchant Account – Binary Gateway

Are you thinking of payment processing for your online dating site?.  You’ve landed in the right place.  We give online dating merchant accounts customized to meet the special demand of dating apps and internet dating sites.

  • Cheap rates with quick approvals.  Race time to market while saving money on payment processing.
  • Merchant accounts for dating sites.  Adult online dating: GLBT dating sites; age-related, cultural or religious dating sites; geographic dating sites, alternative lifestyle dating websites; and niche dating sites.
  • Subscription billing.  Unlimited recurring payments/subscription billing plans are a standard feature on all online dating merchant accounts.
  • The US and international online dating merchants are always welcomed with open hands.
  • Mobile payment app.  Member signup immediately & easily by operating cell phones.
  • Multiple dating merchant accounts.  Adding up the additional processing capacity.  Or get another account for specific of your niche markets.  Clarifying account management by uploading all accounts on a single gateway.
  • Diversify payment options. Accept credit & debit cards.  Add checks for boosting sales from US members.  Adding up international payment methods for global members.
  • Banking-level security. Powerfully safeguard your payment gateways and shield your business and your members with armed-grade encryption for secure data transmission.

Credit Card Processing for Online Dating Merchants

Having the correct dating merchant account is important for your success in a highly competitive industry.  With 8000 more dating sites worldwide. And additionally, to this which is added every day, competition is vicious.

Merchant Stronghold gives online dating merchant accounts purposely made for credit card processing of online, MOTO transactions.  Card payments are the perfect and best source of your cash flow.  Accepting card payments with perfect effectiveness is a great way for your profitability.

Payment processing fees affect your profit margins.  Therefore, it’s very crucial to get the cheapest rates. With the most complimentary terms, on your online dating merchant account.  For this grounds, we serve low rates from the initial.  And will always be ahead in any competitive offer you may get elsewhere.

Online Dating Merchants Experience Unmatched Chances for Growth

Online dating is one of the fast expanding internet businesses, cultivating income of over $3 billion per year. Online dating sites are now common & swiftly restore more old methods of connecting.    

The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that 49.7 million Americans have drained online dating sites to get capable partners. declares that 80% of Americans admitted that online dating sites are the best way to meet fresh people. Over 19% of couples who meet online were married. And partners whose marriages resulted from online meetings report more pleasure along with less rate of divorce in the first year of marriage.

Online dating trends upwards continuously, with an almost 5.6% growth rate over the last 5 years.  Whether you are an orthodox dating site or give a niche market, you can ask for the payment processing capacity you have to manage & expand your business.

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Recurring Billing for Apps and Online Dating Merchants

Dating apps & websites use a recurring payment representation, with many subscription options. Unlimited recurring billing plans are of excellent quality in all dating merchant accounts.

Easily made subscription payment option to connect the requirements of your business. Once recurring payments are constructed and resume until the end of the term or until you or the customer quits the payments.

There are two basic payment methods pre-owned for recurring billing. In the US, cards & checks. To expand your sales, serve both at checkout.  The more techniques customers can pay you. The more clientage you receive. Recurring payments balance the cash flow & give customers the best way to pay you.  And, when directed perfectly. Grow the long-time utility of a customer to your business.

Further, chosen “in-country” payment methods can be attached to seize more sales from international customers.  Analysis of your chosen markets will show which payment options are selected in which countries.

Echecks Increase Revenues for Online Dating Merchants

Accepting electronic checks gives online dating merchants a sales promotion of 10-30%, relying on your market. With e-checks, members pay you via a bank account other than a card.  This is an amazing choice for consumers who don’t have cards or their cards are maxed out or clearly select to pay you via a bank account instead of a card. And, if a card diminishes at checkout. Presenting an alternative payment method can save the sale. At checkout, consumers fill in the bank routing & account numbers instead of card info. Funds get electronically debited from the buyer’s bank account on a recurring basis.

Electronic checks are the standard for “set it and forget it” recurring billing.  Echecks serve extraordinarily balance for long-term recurring payments.  Consumers rarely switch bank accounts because household bills are connected to the bank account as well as a direct stake in wages.  Therefore, there is far no need to update payment details for checks than for cards.

Online Dating Merchant Accounts Challenges

Many banks go through online dating merchants as adult-oriented businesses. Obviously, this makes sense since the reason approving adults use dating apps or sites is to date or find lovable partners.  While many dating sites do not display straightforward adult content.

Nevertheless, online dating merchants are declared as high risk by the particular content of your app or site.  Even online dating site companies with amazing processing history can accept challenges acquiring merchant accounts or obtaining entry to additional processing capacity.

The reasons go beyond content. The major factor online dating merchants come under high risk is that these merchants statistically meet more chargebacks than lower-risk merchants. Some consumers have buyer’s guilt after signing up and commencing a chargeback. Doesn’t matter how good your refund policy is, few consumers will call their card issuing bank to omit rather than contact you.

 How to Apply for Your Adult Dating Merchant Account

Registering for an adult dating merchant account is an easy task. You give an application form with all the information about your business.

You make credit card processing solutions made to help your business needs. Along with secure online dating merchant account gateways and specialized programs to reduce processing risk.

Online dating sites & apps have similar rights to access credit card processing as any other business. Get payment processing for your online dating site & dating app merchant accounts fast & smoothly. Without the skirting & problems that other credit card processing services put you through.

Once you take a decision to move forward with an application. A high-risk merchant account specialist is provided to you. The person works deeply with you to get your account approved quickly. You are directed through the application process line wise which makes sure that your application has the perfect prospect of account approval.  Once your online dating merchant account is approved, you are hence given customer service 24/7.

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Approval Times for Online Dating Merchants

The most crucial thing for fast approvals is the application package you chose. Apart from all the requested documents assists the process moving quickly. Give a sample login so the underwriting team can go through what members see. Present payment processing history is also helpful for fast-tracking consent.

Generally, US online dating merchants are sanctioned in 3-7 business days.  Once it’s sanctioned, integration to your online dating site is done fast and is accomplished through an API connection.

Committed to the Success of Online Dating Merchants

Our company has assisted high-risk businesses solidly with reliable payment processing accounts for many years.  Our team of experts knows the needs of online dating merchants.

We work eagerly to get you the payment processing capacity you need.  And help you with other processing risks to safeguard your cash flow and balance your profit margins.

Take benefit of our free consultation. We are glad to go through your current processing statements with the motive of deducting your rates.