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Application Process:

1) Binary Gateways will accept paper or fax copies of the merchant application. It is critical that all information is complete before the application can be processed. Therefore, review the underwriting guidelines and submit all required supporting documents. The application must accompany a voided check and Application Cover Page. Any incomplete information will delay the approval process.

Please send all applications to:
Binary Gateways
Attn: Application Processing
E-Mail to:

2) Currently, Binary Gateways uses two different applications representing two bank relationships. The Binary Gateways Solutions application currently should be used for all retail and internet businesses. It is important the merchant also sign the last page of the program guide which must accompany the application. For businesses that are High Risk will be approved through our Banking relationship. Binary Gateways Solutions has several other alternative solutions to its First Data / Wells Fargo / Merrick/ BMO Harris relationship, if you have any questions, please contact your agent relations representative.

3) The application process takes less than 24 hours as long as all information is complete and the merchant does not require additional underwriting because of risk factors. If an application is received by 1 PM EST, we will provide a status on the application: approved and or pending and reason. Please review the underwriting criteria form if you have any additional questions about the information requirements necessary to underwrite a merchant.
The information we have stored are only like name, address, business model, years in business, documents, contact information.
We collect ( via site or email ) because we are required basic information to prevet a merchant with our partners such as you. Our partners expect us to send them basic merchant information to meet legal or regulatory requirements against money laundering/tax fraud / illegal financing. We hold on to this data ( in this case, prospective merchant’s information ) to longer required than necessary.
The information provided to us is safe and secure in every aspect.

4) Most merchant applications are approved the same day as long as all information is received. Our goal is to have the merchant processing on our platform as soon as possible.

5) Binary Gateways Solutions reserves the right to decline any application that presents an unacceptable level of risk to our company or the member banks.

6) Once the application is approved, the information is transmitted to our deployment team where a terminal file is built so that the terminal can be shipped or reprogrammed. Our deployment team will follow up with merchant to train them on their equipment and answer any other questions.

7) A welcome kit will be sent to each approved merchant. In addition, our welcome team will follow up with the merchant approximately one week after the account is approved to see if the merchant has any follow up questions.

8) Policies of Merchant Account

a) Agent must provide complete and full disclosure of all rates, fees, and rules.
b) Complete application and additional information required based on underwriting criteria.
c) Additional underwriting criteria may be necessary based on merchant’s risk level.
d) Verify that the existing terminal is functional before submission of application. This includes the ability to do a transaction. If we are reprogramming the terminal agent needs to verify that the terminal is working properly including the display, printer, and all functionalities prior to being sent to Binary Gateways Solutions.

9) Setting up terminal at the merchant’s location

a) If terminal has an external pin-pad attach prior to powering up.
b) Power up the terminal.
c) If using a dial up, make sure that the phone line is dedicated and clean.
d) Run a test transaction in front of the merchant and have the merchant sign the receipt to verify that everything is correct. Fax copy of receipt to technical support at (801) 761-5001
e) If there is a problem, call technical support at (801) 761-5001 .

Technical Support

Technical support is available 24 hours a day.
B. Our Technical Support Team can be reached by calling (801) 761-5001 .
C. The technical support team handles building terminal files, downloads, and troubleshooting of any terminal problems.


Binary Gateways Solutions uses FedEx for all shipments. Provide your shipping account number to your sales support representative. If you don’t have one, our team will assist in establishing an account for you.
B. Binary Gateways Solutions pays for outbound shipping if the merchant is a member of the Merchant Club or if the merchant purchases equipment or supplies through Binary Gateways Solutions. Otherwise, all outbound shipping will be billed to the agent. If the agent does not have a FedEx account number, then the agent will be invoiced and the amount will be reduced from their residual payment.
C. Shipping cut off time is 3PM EST.
Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing material must be submitted to sales support prior to print. It is imperative that our compliance team review and approve the material. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for approval.
Business Cards
If agent is not registered as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and Member Service Provider (MSP), sales representatives must use BINARY  GATEWAYS SOLUTIONS business cards and stationery when conducting business on behalf of Binary Gateways Solutions.
b. Business cards can be purchased through agent relations for $60.00 per 1000.
Fictitious Business Name
Registration of fictitious “doing business as” (DBA) is required in many jurisdictions. The agent must comply with local regulations and Visa / MasterCard requirements.
b. If Agent is not registered as an ISO or MSP, then the fictitious name must include Binary Gateways Solutions and be approved by Binary Gateways.
Any website must be approved by Binary Gateways Solutions. The company’s name must meet the guidelines as discussed above. An agent’s Web site must display Binary Gateways’ logo
b. When Visa and MasterCard logos are displayed on the website or other printed material, it must state:

Binary Gateways is a registered independent Sales Organization.
c. If American Express logos are displayed, the following statement must be asterisked and added: American Express requires separate approval


A. Binary Gateways Solutions is committed to its sales channels and knows that it is a critical component of the company’s growth. Therefore, the company will communicate with its sales force on a regular basis. The online resource center will post any relevant company or industry news. It is the agent’s responsibility to periodically review the website for any updates. In addition, the company’s sales support team expects to communicate with each active sale professional at least one week.

Binary Gateways Solutions is always investing in its infrastructure and resources to provide our sales staff with new products and tools because the company wants to always improve its product offering. The company is also looking for constructive feedback, so if there are any comments or suggestions, let the company know.


Sales agent is responsible for his/her own conduct as well as the conduct of his/her representative(s) and other person(s) employed or retained to assist agent. If any of these individuals engages in conduct prohibited by these Policies and Procedures, Code of Conduct, Association Regulations, agent will be held responsible and will be subject to penalties including but not limited to assessments, fines, and termination. Binary Gateways Solutions shall have the right to withhold payment of commissions and residuals, if any, to the extent necessary to collect the monies owed. Binary Gateways Solutions believes that its entire team must operate as professionals and be cognitive of the rules and regulations that govern us.

Contact Information

Binary Gateways Solutions can be reached at:

Toll Free (801) 761-5001

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