The Best Payment Processor for Small Business

At Binary Gateways, we don’t just help with payment processing… We excel at it. We are a disrupter in the space because of our forward-thinking approach to payments. From our suite of fraud prevention tools, advanced payment gateways, and hundreds of integrations,
we know your needs don’t stop once you begin processing payments. Our highly trained payment representatives take a hands on, white-glove approach to account management.

We can conduct a thorough side-by-side cost savings analysis, help you select from the hundreds of terminal and point of sale systems, and figure out what products and services will help you scale your business. Contact us today to start accepting payments, our reps are standing by.

Your Full-Suite Payment Service Provider

As a low risk business, you find yourself in a sea of online and retail payment processing options. Which is great! But where do you begin?

Binary Gateways is here to make that decision easy. With a selection of robust POS systems, countertop terminals and online credit card processing solutions, we have your back.

Free terminal and mobile credit card reader options, low payment processing fees, and PCI compliance is built into our DNA because they help business owners (like yourself!) get up and running quicker.

  • Apparel
  • Home Goods
  • Moving Companies
  • Parking Garages
  • Pet Supplies
  • Beauty Products
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s
  • Auto Parts

So let’s say you need ecommerce payment processing for your business, but since you have a high average transaction size or a few chargebacks- all of a sudden the credit card processing companies categorize you as “Medium Risk.” From then on, you need a payment processor that understands your business and won’t shut you down.

Binary Gateways gets it. Whether you need guidance on the latest in shopping cart integrations, recurring billing functionality, or lowering the amount of declined transactions, we can help. Our team of account specialists are trained to ask the right questions, get you placed at the best payment processing home, and set you up with the security measures you need to succeed.

  • eCommerce Subscription
  • Accounting
  • Drop Shipping
  • Document Preparation
  • High Volume
  • Property Management
  • SEO Services
  • Web Design

you have bad personal credit, or a previous business you ran went under. No matter the reason, you need to obtain a high risk merchant account.

Binary Gateways can and will support you. Chargeback and fraud prevention, PCI compliant virtual terminals, and a long list of supporting banks are in our arsenal. Let us reduce your chargebacks, help you win more disputes, and get you processing payments right away.

  • Credit Repair
  • Adult Products
  • Guns & Firearms
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Tech Support
  • Dating Sites
  • Cigars & Tobacco
  • Jet Charter

BigCommerce Integration

The payments space is expanding and so is the software that facilitates online businesses. BigCommerce is one such company, leading the way for small SaaS companies doing business over the web.

By connecting your BigCommerce site with Binary Gateways payment processing, you will have a powerhouse supporting your eCommerce business.

Secure API Integrations

Effortlessly link to the shopping cart configuration you already use to process payments faster and more securely than ever. is one of the most well-known and utilized payment gateways on the market.


Easily connect your existing shopping cart platform with USAePay’s vast range of APIs to do more than just process payments. Flexible tools allow you to customize the user experience and automate your most time-consuming tasks.


Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce platform to optimize your workflow and your customer experience. NMI gives you the creative control to stand out and enables you to offer solutions as unique as your business.

Ready ToGet Started?

Get a merchant account and start processing cards payments instantly. We can design a custom package for your business and integrate with your existing website.

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The experience with Inkgraph Techno has been awesome. I appreciate the assistance given. Customer service is outstanding and is often accompanied by patience.
Vernon Ryan

National Enterprise Consultants

Highly recommend! Great Inkgraph Techno and their support team is practically available 24/7 for any questions/assistance. Good Job MSH!
Aleks Radovic

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I just want to take this time to quickly give some great feedback from our team. You have done a great job working with us and getting us through this complicated process of getting us a payment processor for our website.
Shawn Varughese

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