Get Financial Services Merchant Account With Binary Gateway

Get Financial Services Merchant Account With Binary Gateway

Get Financial Services Merchant Account With Binary Gateway

Get Financial Services Merchant Account With Binary Gateway

The financial industry is among the industries with the greatest diversity that make up the world economy.

Financial service businesses, such as credit card companies, banks as well as financial institutions, stock brokers as well as accounting companies, serve an array of clients from different backgrounds and preferences.

Alongside the strict regulations and intense competition in the market, It is difficult for these businesses to bring greater value to their products and offerings these days.

As with other companies that are in the financial sector, financial service firms need to offer additional value to their customers in order for their businesses to remain relevant in the market.

Binary Gateways can equip your business with top-of-the-line merchant and payment technologies specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours cut costs while ensuring efficient operation. Secure credit card reader Binary Gateways

Through our services, you’ll be equipped with the latest and up-to-date payments-related tools and capabilities that improve your overall service offerings which will result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty to your customers.

If you offer loans of local business within your local area or provide the financial advice of big investors, Binary Gateways ensure that all payment transactions are completed securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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What Types of Businesses Use Financial Merchant Accounts?

Every company that accepts payment, makes payments, or both, benefit from merchant accounts for financial services. Here are some examples of companies that utilize our unique gateway for financial services to manage payments.

  • Lenders. All lenders are welcome, including payday, installment, and title loans, as well as cash advances from merchants. Accept debit/credit cards, electronic checks & same-day ACH debits. Fastly release funds using the same-day ACH credits.
  • Money Service Businesses. Money service retail and online businesses can get an account with a merchant bank for financial services.
  • E-wallet Merchant Account. Processing of payments for e-wallets, including E-checks, cards as well as ACH, and “in-country” other payment options that are preferred by international clients.
  • Debt Collection Merchant Account. Perfect payment processing options for large-volume agencies for debt collection.
  • Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Merchant Accounts. A vast network of US and international banks that are interested in processing digital currency. Marketplaces, dealers, and exchanges are all welcome.
  • Insurance Brokerages / Stock Brokerages. Accept payments online or through mobile applications. Accept fax, phone, or mail payments using virtual terminals. Payout quickly and cheaply by using same-day ACH credits.
  • Precious Metals & Commodities. You can quickly take payments via e-commerce. Accept fax, phone, and mail orders by using unlimited virtual terminals that are included in every account.
  • Collectibles. Take high-ticket purchases via every sales channel.
  • Professional Services. Lawyers, accountants, brokers as well as other professional services in the financial industry invoice their clients for their services through financial services merchant accounts. They also offer recurring billing plans that make it affordable for customers to pay regularly.

How to Apply for a Financial Services Merchant Account

The application for merchant accounts is always free and without obligation. It takes 3 days to receive account approval after the application form is received.

For application, you need to fill out an application and provide details about your business.. The supporting documents include processing histories, bank statements identification proof for the person who is the signer on the account, as well as Articles of Incorporation or LLC.

After the account has been accepted, the account’s merchant ID number (MID) is assigned. After that, a secure email will be sent to you along with login credentials. You can start processing right away.

Training and technical support for your staff is free. for your staff members is in any merchant account in the financial services industry.

International and Domestic Merchant Accounts

Accounts for merchants who provide financial services are readily available throughout both the United States and world-wide. The wide range of banks and financial jurisdictions allows you:

  • Apply to multiple banks at the same time.
  • Diversify your accounts to reduce risk of processing and protect the business’s operations.
  • Get the processing power you require to manage and increase the size of your company
  • Make ACH or electronic checks to increase revenue by US customers.
  • Include the preferred “in-country” method of payment accepted for international clients.

The consideration of banking with an offshore bank account to provide financial services can be an important element of a payment processing strategy for international businesses. Many financial services firms from around the world diversify their payment processing strategies by setting up accounts in different geographical locations.

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International merchant accounts offer high volume processing that allows you to process as much you’d like. Utilizing an offshore financial services merchant account can also lower costs for processing payments in your chosen markets. Also, it reduces risk of foreign exchange.

Why Choose Binary Gateways for Your Financial Services Merchant Accounts?

  • Large-volume Merchant Accounts. If you require additional processing capacity or wish to diversify your processing options to lessen the risk, we are here to help.
  • Accept payments through All Channels. Pay online or via your mobile applications. Accept phone or mail orders (MOTO) and have infinite virtual terminals. Large files can be uploaded of order information for fast processing in bulk.
  • Multi-Payment Methods. Accept debit / credit cards. Include ACH & echecks to get more revenue coming from US customers. Include “in-country” alternative payment methods that are preferred for international clients.
  • Chargeback Management. Avoid customer disputes becoming chargebacks. You can fight chargebacks and be successful. Transfer the responsibility of chargebacks to the card companies with 3D Secure.
  • Fraud Fighting Tools. Protect your business from fraud with custom tools to fight fraud.
  • Professional support. Professional account managers dedicated to your total satisfaction.
  • Level 1 PCI DSS Financial Services Gateway. Payment processing that is compliant keeps your transactions secure and safe.
  • Unlimited Recurring Billing. It is easy and convenient for customers to make payments to you on a regular basis.
  • Extensive Bank Network. The option of acquiring banks reduces the risk of processing.

Financial Services Merchant Accounts with Live Support

Binary Gateways is committed to live, one-on-one customer support either via phone or via live chat. Our customer service department is open 24/7. Contact an account manager live at +1 (801) 761-5001, or choose Live Chat above.