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Restaurant Merchant Services Provider | Binary Gateways

Restaurant Merchant Services Provider | Binary Gateways

Restaurant Merchant Services Provider

What is a Merchant Services Provider

Running a restaurant isn’t easy, however, your restaurant’s credit card processing needs to be simple. This is the reason Binary Gateways provide restaurant merchant services that permit businesses to operate in more innovative and more efficient methods.

Before we go deeper into the details. Let’s define a few essential terms such as credit card processors and merchant service providers.

Credit Card Processors

Credit card processors refer to businesses working behind the scenes to manage the electronic communications between merchant service suppliers and banks. They play an essential part in the processing of your credit card transactions however. They do not have a connection to your business directly. In reality, your payment processor is selected by the bank that your merchant service provider has a relationship.

Restaurant Merchant Services Providers

However, the merchant service providers have an extremely strong relationship with your company.

As the name implies merchant service providers (also called merchant account suppliers) provide merchants (the term is used to refer to their clients for this example restaurants) with all the payment components that are required to accept non-cash forms of payment, both online and offline.

Also, the restaurant merchant services provider permits you to accept debit or credit card transactions using a credit card reader at your point of sale (POS) system or even online (also called a card-not-present transaction).

Our team of experts recognizes that the restaurant industry is unique that requires flexible and adaptable solutions to tackle the demands of daily business. We’re here to support you with 24×7 technical support and a variety of customizable solutions to meet your urgent requirements in the field of payment processing, and more.

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Restaurant credit card processing made easy 

The experts in restaurant merchant accounts are here to offer their knowledge to assist you with the integration of the most recent payment solutions for credit cards. It is possible to anticipate seamless integration with a variety of traditional point-of-sale systems used by restaurants.

We’ll ensure that you’re prepared to accept secure payments promptly and help you grow your processing. So that you can accept more payment methods such as gift cards and loyalty programs in addition.

Technical Support Team is Always Here for Your Restaurant Merchant Services 

If you require assistance we can be reached 24/7 and 365 days a year. If you’re experiencing technical difficulties or have a query regarding your payment processing options Our support team will be available to provide quick and professional assistance to help you resolve your most pressing concerns.

If you’re looking for an array of merchant service options you can count on the most highly-rated team of Binary Gateways to meet a wide range of needs, such as:

  • Credit Card Processing for Restaurants
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Program
  • Check Processing
  • Mobile Payment Processing

Make your restaurant’s credit card processing more efficient

The specialists at Binary Gateways can assist you in determining the most effective ways for your staff to process. Credit card transactions and give more options to clients to use to make payments. If you require POS equipment or require mobile applications to take payments. You’ll get everything you require within one location.

Our team of experts can assist you to discover cost-saving solutions. While reducing transaction times and making use of the most secure processing technologies.

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There are also mobile payment processing. Which can transform your current laptop or tablet into a secure payment processor.

Stay ahead of the competition and allow your staff to serve more customers by upgrading your payment processing software. Our restaurant merchant processing services can assist you in obtaining the lowest rates available for the various payment options available:

  • MasterCard®
  • Visa®
  • American Express®
  • Discover®
  • Diners Club®
  • Signature Debit
  • Corporate Cards
  • Check Processing
  • Gift Card Payment

Each service we provide for payment processing is supported through current PCI DSS conformity. So you are assured that your transaction is handled safely. In addition, if you encounter a problem or question that arises. You are able to depend on our 24-hour customer service that provides technical support whenever you require it.

To learn more about how we can assist your restaurant with the most up-to-date credit card processing options, fill out the form on the right or call us toll-free at (801) 761-5001.