How To Obtain An Adult Dating Merchant Account

How To Obtain An Adult Dating Merchant Account

How To Obtain An Adult Dating Merchant Account

Running a business online is the toughest thing nowadays. Sustaining in the market with a huge number of competitors is still a task for few business owners in the market. Hence obtaining an adult dating merchant account is still a dream for many business owners. Dating, chatting, and finding someone to whom you can marry after dating them is a new trend in the market. If you are about to launch a new adult dating merchant account you need to take super precautions and have to consider your business on the high-risk side. If you want to lower your risk you need to choose a perfect merchant account service provider. Come and learn how you can start your business by considering all the credit card payment options.

Adult Online Dating Industry  Synopsis

According to the survey, In 2015,59% of US adults admitted that they believed that the internet was a good place for meeting potential partners. In today’s, scenario  5% of married couples in the US have met their current spouses online. Online dating has exploded, providing singles with N number of options when it comes to seeking companionship lifelong.

How To Start Online Dating Business

Starting any business requires an idea and we need to execute it properly with full dedication and planning. But, commencing an online adult dating business requires more than an idea. The business should be able to differentiate itself because it is in such a saturated market. Begin by discussing out a solid business plan so that you have a standard to keep you on track.

A simplified outline of the steps involved in launching an adult dating business may include:

Organization Name: The name of the organization should be eye-catchy so that it can easily be on anybody’s mind.

Market R&D: Who is your top competition? How will your adult dating website stand out among them?

Business Model: How will you generate a profit with your adult dating business? Do you intend to charge users a one-time fee, or are you offering an ongoing adult subscription model?

Marketing: reaching out to your target audience? Is there a market that is currently in need of your new dating website? How will you effectively reach them?

Funding: Who is funding your adult dating business? Be aware that financing options for risky business types

Adult Payment Gateway: Choosing an adult dating credit card processing merchant account solution is one of the biggest decisions you will make as the owner of a dating website. Not all payment processors accept adult-themed websites due to their high-risk nature. This aspect makes selecting the right gateway and processor imperative. 

What Is An Adult Credit Card Processing Solution?

To remain profitable, you will need an adult high-risk credit card processing solution. This type of processor is no stranger to high-risk websites and accounts it will further add a filter to your business. With a merchant account that is designed for adult-themed websites and businesses, you won’t get shut down due to the High-risk nature of your business. Accepting credit cards for your adult dating site will help you to generate more sales, new subscriptions, and loyal customers with no mental pressure for gaining less into your business.


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Adult dating is considered high risk

Mostly these websites are not provided the facility of using Paypal or Stripe for operating their merchant account. Most traditional payment gateway providers avoid working with adult companies due to their high risk and high chargeback rates. Most traditional banks consider chargeback rates above 2% to be risky, but industry standards in online dating are closer to 3 or 4%. At that point, the only option you have to secure a merchant account for the adult industry is to turn to a high-risk provider. Unfortunately, choosing any credit card payment processor is not possible with an adult dating website.

How To Obtain A High-Risk Adult Merchant Account.

To accept online payments and subscription one need to have an adult merchant account. While looking after the merchant account providers one should look into their traits. As in they should be excellent at their work and should have amazing experience in handling high-risk accounts, especially in this field. That way you know that they are equipped to handle the extra risks that your industry poses. Keep an eye that your payment processor does not auto-approve your company.  Adult-related businesses need to be properly underwritten so that both you and the bank are protected from less-than-ideal situations.

Initiative Steps to An Account

Invest some quality time researching adult merchant account providers that are most relevant to your needs. Find reviews of that industry type which is supported by their acquiring banks. You have to be able to trust your merchant account provider. After finding out the perfect merchant account provider make sure you take out quality time to fill in the proper details of an account. You will be required to provide the following documents and information before you receive approval:

The official name and DBA of your business

Last 3 months of personal or business bank statements

Avoided check or bank letter on official letterhead

Current EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax ID

Information regarding the nature of your business, how you intend to charge customers, and any marketing materials that you use to acquire customers.

Any aspects of your business that may change or that you want to add in the future. Banks don’t like surprises and might shut you down if they notice large changes to your site or its offerings.

After completing and submitting your application for your merchant account, you will go through a compliance process and hear about approval within days. Once approved, your gateway will be installed and you can then begin accepting and processing payments directly through your shopping cart.

One of the biggest reasons for entrepreneurs and business owners to obtain a high-risk merchant account for their online adult business is their inability to utilize popular solutions such as Stripe or Paypal. But with the proper merchant account setup on your adult dating website, you will be able to accept all forms of payment and accommodate all types of customers.