Grab a Merchant Account For PC Tech Support Repair Services

Grab a Merchant Account For PC Tech Support Repair Services

Grab a Merchant Account For PC Tech Support Repair Services

Both businesses and a single person need PC tech support repair services anytime and anywhere. In reality, services such as these are usually needed when suddenly issues arise. For many people, their electronics are a huge part of their personal or economic life, so when something goes off track, it needs to be corrected quickly. For a business to be able to assist customers at the time of trouble, they should be available, knowledgeable, fast, and accommodating. Merchants in this sector would also find it beneficial to be able to offer multiple ways for their customers to pay. Some people choose to pay through debit or cash, while others would rather use their credit cards. For a merchant it’s necessary to accept card payments in person or online, you would require to set up a payment gateway for technical support.

Initiating a Tech Support PC Repair Business.

The requirement for PC repair services is always high. Computers are operated in both the running of businesses and our homes on daily basis. According to a survey by Transparency Market Research, the expansion of electronic repair services is going to expand vastly in the years 2018-2026. This is good news for those who are examining the market to open a business in the personal computer repair industry.


  • You can decide how many hours to invest in the business each week or month. Starting a PC repair business allows you to decide whether you want to go in full-time or just part-time each week. You always have that independence to add more hours.
  • If you decide to work with small businesses and get a handful of clients you are starting with a strong base.
  • PC repair services are always called by large businesses, small businesses, as well as individuals. There is no limit to B2B and B2C options you could provide services to.
  • Initial costs are usually minimal. You already have training in the IT field and operating a business from your home reduces overhead expenses. Most service calls will be performed at the client’s location.


  • To sustain in the computer repair industry, you have to stay current with the latest changes in technology. Technology is ever-changing and there may be costs involved with staying informed and updated. Costs can include seminars, classes, and applications.
  • Technical skills are required in this industry but there is also the need to have social skills. You must have the ability and skill to explain all of the technical computer terms in non-technical terms.
  • Factor in the cost of your business’ computers and testing equipment that you will need. As technology changes the equipment needed will also be updated.
  • Will you need to be licensed in the area where you will be performing the repair services? This is important and needs to be surveyed.
  • Insurance and bonding are also something that needs to be looked into. If you will be entering clients’ businesses and homes they may be a necessity.
  • Marketing the business can be financially leaking if not done properly. Often, new comer’s owners do not realize just how much marketing and advertising can cost until it’s too late.


Tech Support Industry and Payments Knowledge

As a new business owner, you will need to consider how you will accept payments for the services you provide in the market. At this stage, a merchant account for your business should be opened.  A merchant account is a process in which the bank account of the merchant allows a business to accept credit and debit card payments either over the phone, in person, or online.

There is three organization involved in every transaction:

  1. Customer or Cardholder
  2. Business Owner/ Merchant
  3. Payment Processor


Every time a debit or credit card transaction takes place, the process occurs in a fraction of a second. Messages are coming in milli seconds between different entities which include the customer’s bank, the credit card network, and the merchant’s bank.


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Technical Support and IT is Not An Easy Task  to Place

Most often, merchants will approach a traditional bank to secure an account. In some cases, the bank can approve them, while most of the time they cannot due to the high risk involved in the business.

For those merchants who go for a merchant account with a traditional bank, they may be shocked to find out the PC repair industry comes under the high-risk category. This is due to the fraud that takes place in the technical support industry all across the world. The increase in PC tech support scams has wounded the industry and traditional banks who are just not willing to take the risk. Fraud and chargebacks are not likely to fade anytime shortly and hurt even the most honest of PC repair businesses.

Fraud: The amount of tech support scams is slowly declining with the help of the FTC and other agencies. The issue is that they are continuing and the industry suffers a lot from it. According to ABC News, the hardest hit with PC scams are millennials, and many do not know until the damage has been done deeply.

Chargeback’s: Chargebacks occur when a customer expects a refund and contacts their bank and not the service provider. Once the bank has issued the refund this can hurt the merchant and affect the business loop. Steps to avoid chargebacks can include being sure all business contact information is easy for customers to locate. When a customer contacts you for a refund be sure to give a full refund and not a partial, this will affect your reputation in the market. Unhappy customers will still go to the credit card issuing bank for the full amount. Unfortunately, it is no easy task to please and entertain every customer but a majority can be convinced and continue to do business with your PC repair company without further issues.


High-risk PC tech support credit card processor

The good news is that it is still possible to have a merchant account in the technical PC repair industry. There are notable companies that offer payment processing for high-risk merchant accounts with high processing fees. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is choosing the right payment processor for your company.

The right payment processor should offer you this:

  • Free rate reviews that are pocket-friendly.
  • An easy application process without headache.
  • Dedicated merchant account specialist.
  • Proven record in the payments industry.
  • Wireless/Mobile Point-of-Sale systems that are according to your budget and which are quite dependable.
  • EMV/NFC terminals that are state-of-the-art.
  • Payment gateway integration to your website to accept credit cards online, to avoid customer bounce back.
  • Risk management and chargeback controlling tools.

Being able to have a full focus on getting customers to your PC repair business should be your number one priority. So, finding a payment processor that you can trust is crucial to success. Don’t hold yourself back by contracting your business. Let your payment gateway providers get you processing and back to running your business at a very good pace.