A Brief Guide on How to Integrated Payment Processing

A Brief Guide on How to Integrated Payment Processing

A Brief Guide on How to Integrated Payment Processing

Most adults in the U.S shop online to buy anything they need. Not necessary that you run an on or offline shop, it’s important to have software to take payments against the purchase of goods from customers. Integrated payments are the idea of mixing your payments with software. Some common examples of this are a POS system or an EHR system.

What does not having payment processing required for business owners? Keeping financial records ordered becomes relatively difficult.

Also, you must take extra care and steps to ensure that you tackle your money correctly. As a business owner, you can avoid these issues by associated with integrated payment processing.

Read this business owner’s guide to grasp all about integrated payment processing and how the right business-specific processor can take the stress out of your day-to-day financial tasks!

Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

If you run a successful business, you should know that customer satisfaction is key to success. You should know how to keep your customer happy, you need to offer them a variety of payment options.

Integrated payment processing is an amazing way to do this. By integrating your payment processing with your point-of-sale system, you can offer your customers a flawless experience.

This will make it an easy and hassle-free task for them to pay for your products or services, and it will also make it easy for you to trace your sales.

Moreover, integrated payment processing can assist you to save money on transaction fees. So, if you are looking for a way to enrich your customer service and save money, consider integrated payment processing.

Why Choose Payment Processing?

Credit card and debit card processing methods can take a major portion of time out of your daily routine. You have to save the receipts and accommodate them with your accounting software.

After doing this process, you can do the payments. If there’s an error one day, it could further cause you to have hours of data entry which will eventually take time to do the process.


Integrated processing can assist to save you from this pain by automating the process. Also, many customers pay by card rather than in cash.

Pointers for Optimizing Your Payments

There are many tips for properly using integrated payment processing for business owners. Possibly the most crucial is to make sure that all payment methods are friendly and easily supported by the system.

This incorporates traditional methods such as credit cards and debit cards, as well as new practices such as mobile payments and cryptocurrency. In addition, it’s crucial to offer multiple payment options to customers to boost customer satisfaction.

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Another tip is to put forward discounts for customers who use some payment methods, such as loyalty programs for constant customers. Finally, it is important to keep an eye on customer data to better understand their expanding habits and make the payment experience to their needs.

Research Improvements

Consider options to make the process unchallenging for your customer. This could in cooperate with your mobile payments, EMV payments, contactless payments, etc.

You could also think about dividing payments. International markets could have their sort of payment as well.

Reduce Fraud

Require CVV for all card payments. For online payments, use their IP address to prove where they’re located.

Have unsure transaction identifying and multi-factor verification.

Update Your System

If the payment got rejected, there might an issue with your system instead of the card. Out-of-date processors might not be able to accept new cards.

If this is the case, it’ll fail the method of payment. Keep it updated to make sure that you won’t any longer have customers over card rejections.


Most of the users do their shopping and browse right on their phones. The best option is to update your payment processor to work with mobile systems for ease of use for the customer.

You can have a particular interface for every device. Since phone screens are comparatively smaller, this will fend off them from not being able to see the details.

International Payments

Once you quit the United States, you can find different forms of online payment. In parts of Asia, many shoppers don’t use international credit cards to purchase items. If you want to stand out in a global market, you must give your customers options.

Payment Getaway Integration Process

Business systems and software will combine with payments. When everything is harmonious, it’s a much quick and easy task for you to take payments.

It’ll even serve you additional capabilities.

During the process, you’ll get the customer’s order, whether physically or online. Next, you’ll place the credit card information directly into the software. The integration software will process the payment further. You can leap reconciling transaction data that you have to manually enter. Once the sales process happens, payments are automatically affixed.

Accounting will be quite easy, too, since it shows the transaction history in real-time. In addition, you’ll jump-posting payment information into many systems.

  • Improve Customer Service

Did you know that up to 25% of U.S. customers are more interested to avoid stores with long lines? U.S. retailers are losing 100 billion dollars due to the easy availability of online stores.

The checkout process will be done in a fraction of a second with this system. Customers could choose their source online checkout, self-checkout, and even mobile checkout. Your team can also target each customer at a time.

  • Data Security

Did you know that Sony experienced a data security breach in 2014? Hackers get fragile company documents and erased data.

Security is one of the hardest obstacles for companies. Through a processing system, the personal data of each consumer is secured through the complete process.

It’ll safeguard their identities, bank account info, and credit card number. The US trusted companies for your payment processing system to neglect errors.

These errors and mistakes could result in hacks and other costly problems. A payment processing system will protect the information of your customer at the point of sale and during this transit.

Many consumers are also aware of the security problems out there and want to ensure that you have a secure and trustable method. First, think about what industry you’re in since some will need more security than others.

  • Tokenization

Tokenization is when fragile information is restored with non-sensitive options. This will help to deduct potential breach warnings.

Data security should be the most important segment of your business since it can affect your reputation. If you have a violation, customers will have a tough time trusting or believing your business.

  • Save Time

If you have to use manual accounting, it can take many minutes to enter the information. If you in cooperate with this payment system, you won’t have to wait.

You’ll enjoy how it’s entered into your ERP system without any extra effort manually which you need to do it. This will permit you to save time, focus on your business, and assist your customers.

Some systems will even let you set up recurring payments. There might be scheduling features that are directly connected to payment data to bill your customers.

  • Reduce Errors

Manual accounting is a time taking job, and you’re more possible to make errors. When you find these errors, you’ll need to cease what you’re doing to fix them. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for them for hours every day.

Your goodwill could suffer if you make a grave error. Any decrement in reputation could mean fewer sales overall.

If paper records are mislaid, you might not be able to put back them. Data could be mistyped and entered incorrectly too. Since it’s automatically entered, the scope of an error is less than none.

  • Increases Cash Flow

While credit card and debit card processing could completely affect your cash flow, integrated systems don’t. Since you can process your payment the correct way, this permits you to avoid fees.

Receive real-time payment updates and less lag overall. You’ll also have a deduction in declines through data development.

They can look for a better method for the transaction to be complete. A good payment processor will also reduce your costs and help you achieve higher profits.

  • Analyze Data

Get to know important information about each customer’s transactions. A payment getaway integration process lets you go through your income through data points.
You’ll be able to see the most famous method of payment with your consumers. Identify and understand the data that comes through. This will let you control how well your company is executing.

How to Start an Integrated Payment System

Initially, decide on whether you’d like flat-rate pricing or another payment option. Look for a system that’s PCI-compliant as a payment gateway.

Find out similarities and see if it works with your CRM system, accounting or ERP software, or online shopping cart.

Decide if their customer support works for you if you have questions. See if there are termination fees if you end it up soon.

Some may offer tokenization and encryption for extra data security.

Discover a payments provider who will put customer service front and center, offer security, let you integrate the various processes, and be able to help you reach your targets.

When you can depend on your processing provider, you’re more interested to improve other features of your business. If not, managing your payment processor could be a full-time job on its own.

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How to Select the Right Integrated Payment Processing for Your Business

After inspecting this guide on what integrated payment processing is and how it assists, you should have a great idea if it’s good for your business. From grocery stores to eCommerce, most businesses can avail themselves.

Are you curious about getting started? Check out our affordable software and contact us today to get started! We’ll help you with your payment gateway integration process.